'Hold the Front Page' was a project where I handed over the front page of my website to a different artist, each month, for one year.

The artists involved are listed below. Click on their name to see what they did (they're all linked together, so if you want to see them all, just click on the first and away you go...)

#1 Dominic from Luton - www.dominicfromluton.com

#2 Dave Bevan - www.happygoingnowhere.blogspot.co.uk

#3 Endre Aalrust - www.endreaalrust.com

#4 Halina Kliem - www.halinakliem.com

#5 Christophe Szpajdel - Wikipedia, Interview 1, Interview 2

#6 Andres Bedoya - www.andresbedoya.com

#7 Dan Bass - www.danielbass.co.uk

#8 Ian Watson - www.uhohwatson.com

#9 Toby Huddlestone - www.tobyhuddlestone.net

#10 Candice Jacobs - www.meaningfulmeaninglessness.info

#11 Jake Kent - www.jakexkent.tumblr.com

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