Everyone Knows This is Nowhere - Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, 2007

This was a collaborative project with Gordon Dalton, based around a road-trip we made from Los Angeles to Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho, in an attempt to track down the site of Evel Knievel’s failed ‘Snake River Canyon Jump’.

The exhibition took the form of an installation in the gallery including large-scale bleachers (American stadium style seating), projected video, fly-posters and a promotional poster produced by Hatch Showprint of Nashville, Tennessee; Hatch are America’s oldest working print shop having been established in 1879. Their look and style are synonymous with the art and culture of the American South and has become as famous as the people they have produced posters for; the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis and The Grand Ole Opry.

The show was very much a sum of its parts; the nostalgia, the futility, the trip in to the Wild West, the posters, the bleachers, the film, the stunts. It becomes a dialogue around our positioning to American cultural and political history; both the culture and politics of today and the aspirational, superstar culture of our youth. A ridiculous pilgrimage to engage with an impossible dream and the inevitable crash down to earth that this entails, both physically and aspirationally.

You can watch the video HERE