Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - The City Gallery, Leicester, 2008

A solo show drawing together various themes and interests running through my practice at the time (and today, in some cases).

The gallery space was divided in two by a roughly fabricated wall of wooden boards, defining two separate halves of the gallery. The front of these spaces was fenced off and a process of discrimination used on the visiting audience to decide which half of the gallery space they were allowed to enter; this was a token and arbitrary process based around height – if the visitor was over 5’ 7” they were allowed in the left hand space, if they were under that height they were allowed in the right hand space and if they were exactly 5’ 7” (the same height as myself) they were allowed in both. This was enforced by someone I employed myself by placing an advert in the local job centre.

The exhibition was aiming to draw discussion around political/social/moral structures, religion’s role within these structures, political apathy, the human desire for change and each persons (in)ability to achieve this.