How Should I Live? (Maybe That's Not the Question) - Chapter Arts Centre (Cardiff) and Aspex Gallery (Portsmouth), 2010-11

A collection of billboard poster works and a drawing applied directly to the floor using vinyl lane-tape.

The themes running through this exhibition were, broadly, our passage through life, accountability, choices, control, authority and how we choose to negotiate all of those things. The floor drawing is engaging with the simple means employed to control us through spaces; different courts for different sports with different colours, one space that could be used for any number of things, just by shifting your perspective on how you’re asked/instructed to observe it. The imagery employed engages the notion of 'Pura Vida' that I’ve worked with before – the Costa Rican saying ‘if you have a church a bar and a football pitch then you have a town’. That idea, as a simple metaphor for life - the faith, the social, the tribe, but also the controller, the anaesthetic and the army.

Cutting across these is the plan of an abattoir killing floor, specifically engineered by animal psychologist Dr Temple Grandin to pacify animals, but at the same time encourage them to willingly proceed to their own demise with unquestioning efficiency. It becomes a, literal, playground in the gallery – people can choose where they meander – they might stay outside of the lines, they might like to hang in the church, they might like to pretend to play football, who knows, but it sets up a series of spaces for them to physically exist within and engage with. It’s allowing them all to find their own space, but ultimately pointing them all towards the same place.

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