Nowhere Bar - A3 Project Space, Birmingham

A new collaboration between myself and Gordon Dalton taking the form of a fully functioning, pop-up, dive bar.

The best bar you've never heard of. Where nobody knows your name. Where practically no choice means practically no need to think. Have a good time all of the time. Sprain your mind.

This is the first incarnation of 'Nowhere Bar' which will be popping up again for Cardiff Contemporary on October 23/24/25th and hopefully a bunch of other places in the not too distant future.

It functions as a bar. We get a license, we sell booze, people have fun. But there's always something a little bit extra too. On this occassion we had a visit from those good folk from Moselele who entertained us with a bunch of rock classics that had been ukeleleified. It was a thing of wonder (video coming soon...)

If you want Nowhere Bar at your gallery, biennale, party, barmitzvah, wedding, christening or funeral, then drop us a line HERE

To see some pictures of how it all played out, click HERE (to progress through them, just click on the image)

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