Trav'ller in the Dark - Aspex Gallery Commission, Portsmouth

'Trav'ller in the Dark' takes the form of a typically showy neon sign. Part Vegas, part Margate, the combination of imagery, colours and lights is designed to be visually seductive and a joy to behold.

The imagery of the sword and balloon draws on the tale of The Sword of Damocles - a moral anecdote alluding to the ideas of 'be careful what you wish for' and 'with great power comes great responsibility'. Central to the work is the inclusion of a changeable sign, of the kind recognisable the world over, used by schools, hotels, sports grounds and diners, equally likely to be offering '99c Chicken Wings' as they are to be offering to save our souls.

This space, within the work, remains an active space, in part controlled by the artist and in part handed over to the wider community. A changing series of texts will appear on the sign over the life of the work, some the choice of the artist and others drawn from suggestions made by the public at large.

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